About me

Hi I’m Medhavi. Thank you for stopping by and being interested in knowing more about me.

My husband and I moved to USA five years back and it was a very different experience for me to start a new life in a new country where I didn’t know anyone. Along with long phone conversations with my parents, reading several blogs and watching YouTube videos has helped me a lot. I have been a photographer for over six years now and I find myself reaching for my camera even during a vacation or at a fancy restaurant. I have always been sharing photos of our trips, restaurants we ate at, my shopping hauls and my outfits on Facebook and recently on Instagram, but that is always so hard to go through after a few years. So, I thought of creating this space to share my experiences with all of my friends and readers.

You will find me writing about the fashion, recent trips, make up, skin care, food & recipes, which in a nutshell is what I do on a daily basis 🙂 I hope you enjoy hanging out with me and find something that you like on my blog.

For any collaborations, please contact me at medhavi.modi@gmail.com